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Mar Mathew Makil was born on 10.4.1851 at Manjoor in Kottayam District. He was appointed Vicar General for the Southists in the Vicariate of Kottayam in 1889. When the Vicariate Apostolic of Kottayam and Trichur were re-organized into Trichur, Ernakulam and Changanassery in 1896, he was nominated Titular Bishop of Trallus and appointed Vicar Apostolic of Changanassery. In 1911, a new Vicariate Apostolic of Kottayam was constituted exclusively for the Knanaya Catholics and Mar Mathew Makil was transferred to Kottayam as Vicar Apostolic. He died at Kottayam on



Bishop Makil could serve the Vicariate of Kottayam, which he nourished with his blood, tears and sweat only for three years. “On 18th January 1914 he delivered festal sermon in St. George Catholic Church Edackat. Then he felt sick and came back to bishop’s house. Everybody thought he was having thc flu. On 21st January 1914 he offered his last holy mass. Afterwards he felt too sick and was on sickbed. He was always reciting “O Mary my mother’ on his sick bed. On 23rd he got pain all over the body and on 24th he got high fever. They brought a doctor (Vaidyan) from Changanacherry He examined the bishop and diagnosed his illness was small pox. About this diagnosis the fathers were not satisfied. The famous panampunnayil Chandykunju Vaidyan from Olessa came soon after that and examined the bishop and found no signs or symptoms of small pox. He shouted ‘Who said that our bishop is having small pox pneumonia on the body of bishop there is no les in of it. He is having and renal failure. O my God it is difficult to bring him back to health”. On 25th he had haematuria. His condition was critical on 26th January. Many people visited him. And all were so sad about their loving bishop’s serious condition. Bishop’s secretary Rev. Fr. Chandy Chulaparambil, his brother Rev. Fr. Kunjeppu Makil, Rev. Fathers Mathai Vattakkalathil, Lukachan Kalladanthyil, Thommy Poothathil and Luka Vanchipurackal were present by the sick bed all the time. At 2.P.M. the bishop called his secretary to him and asked the other to go out of the room. He spoke with the secretary alone for sometime. Then he called everybody together and gave his apostolic blessing. He told his brother ‘Let me go first my dear brother, all of you come after. Don’t be sad, pray for me. Each person who took birth should die once. Let me have a confession and my last sacrament. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel came from good Shepherd Church and heard his confession. Rev. Fr. Chandy went to the near by convent (Latin Rite) brought Holy sacrament to the bishop. After the communion he lifted the Crucifix in his hand and kissed it. All those who were present there recited the prayer, the bishop’s brother anointed him. At 4.P.M. on 26th January 1914 he took his last breath” (James Makil, Makil Mar Mathai Mathran Mattullavarude Kazhchapadial, p. 343-350). Unfortunately since the contagious disease small pox was spreading that time, there was a rumor that Mar makil’s death was also due to that disease and so his funeral was very simple. His body was buried at Edakatt church in the presence of parishioners of that parish. Fr. Mathew Kooplikat was the main celebrant and Fr. Thommy Poothathil delivered the funeral homily which touched every bodys heart. The vicar general of Varapuzha and the representative of Delegate apostolic Fr. Bonifatius also participated in the funeral (Changanassery Athgiroopatha Innale, Innu, pp. 197-198). There is one more information from Mathai Kulangara whose mother was an eye witness of bishop’s funeral. “The funeral of the bishop was very early in the morning because at that time there was a quarrel between the two groups of Jacobites especially during special occasions like marriages, funerals, Holy Mass etc. (Dr. Xavier Koodapuzha, Thirusabhacharitham, P. 899). The Peschkar at that time who did not know to which community Bishop Makil belonged feared trouble and ordered that the bishop’s funeral should be before dawn with out any celebration.

In his condolence message His Holiness Pope Pius X wrote, Bishop Makil’s death was not due to his old age; but because of the weight of his reverence and piety he laid himself in Jesus Christ our Lord. The Divan (Minister) of Travancore State Sir. Rajagopalachahry, remembered Mar. Makil as a noble, gentle and loving friend and also a valuable statesman. Leaders of Kerala sent deep condolence messages on his sad demise.